Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

To use this website, you must agree to these terms and conditions listed herein, all content displayed on this website are purely opinions of users and not to be taken as actual fact.

To use this website and post new content or comments, you must not post obscene content or purposely untrue defamatory comments and, or content with the intent to harm a business or competitor. All comments or content must your own honest opinion.

called.me.uk or it's owner is not liable for any comments or content posted. All comments or content must be treated as merely opinions of users or as fair comment and, or fiction but not fact.

Content or comments must not be posted in malice by users or by competitor's in any effort to cause harm or ill intent. We do however, encourage business owners who do have their phone number listed on this website to post and reply to user comments about their business to ease any concerns users have regarding or relating to their phone number or it's usage.

You must agree by using this website, that any comments or content may or may not be true and called.me.uk or the website author is not liable for any user posted comments or content as it is impossible to check each comment or any user submitted content for validity.

By using this website, you almost must agree by accepting these terms and conditions prior to posting any comments or content, that the various links on this website at called.me.uk pointing and hyperlinking to this terms and conditions page are enough to ensure that I, the website author have taken reasonable steps to ensure validity of comments and content even though it is almost impossible to check validity on any review website or other kind of website.

All Internet Protocol addresses of users that comment or post reviews or content on called.me.uk are recorded on this websites database along with any other additional information they, the user of this website writes to ensure further checking of validity of comments or content, though this does not take into account users that may hide behind proxy servers which may disguise the users IP Addresses, otherwise known as Internet Protocol Addresses.

Nor does this take into account users that use dynamic IP Addresses where a user may reset his or her router to gain another IP address that is then allocated to them. Again I, the author whom approves user submitted content, is not responsible in any way for any content which may be true or false or defamatory in nature.

I do try to filter as much spam as possible on this website; however some comments or content posted may get through to be live on the website.

called.me.uk and it's owner have taken reasonable precautions to make sure its website end-users and any business or personal owners of reviewed phone numbers whom may be visiting here aware of its terms and conditions policy, namely before the stage of actually posting a new phone number or comment, and the terms and conditions page link is present within the footer of the website across the whole site on every page.

My intent for this website is for purely honest reasons and also for public interest, as stated above I am not responsible for any negative opinions of users that are true or false, and or defamatory in nature.

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