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With great effort, this website was setup to help other people out when searching for who called them and to create an online community where you can share your experience and warn others of dangerous phone numbers. There's nothing worse than having a phone call from an unwanted number, or worst-case-scenario being scammed. This website has been developed to be a simple-to-use reverse phone lookup tool.

Phone call scams can come in many forms

Theres many different types of scams, ranging from text message scams, or the caller rings then hangs up, competition scams, or being called by someone claiming to be from Microsoft or your Internet Provider etc and claims your computer has a virus. The growing list is endless.

Phone call scams even happen in the workplace, and to the most vigilant of people! Imagine this scenario… You are a receptionist and a convincing delivery person arrives, claiming he has a parcel for you, but you spot it's for the wrong address and tell him but he then asks you to use your company phone to phone his boss, you oblige, but unbeknown to you, he has just phoned a premium rate number where the scammer gets paid. The aftermath could be hundreds of pounds depending on the length of the call and you probably would'nt even know about it until the phone bill got processed by the accounts department.


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